Enochian Font Download For Free [2021 Updated]

Enochian Font Download For Free [2021 Updated]

The Enochian font is a family of dingbats used mainly in secret projects, and Digital Type Foundry first took over the design and publication of this font in 1992.

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According to the designer, “the script dated back to the 16th century and was used by Dr John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly to communicate with different minds.

“during ceremonies held at the request of Queen Elizabeth I.” Thus, this unique font is historically highly prized.

What is the Enochian font?

There are two unique styles in the Enochian font family. The first supports the distinctive Truetype with 51 glyphs. And the second supports OpenType features with 53 glyphs.

Both families only support upper and lower case letters. Numbers, punctuation and monetary characters are not allowed in this family.

You can download this magic font here in one click. Then click on the button and use this font for free in your personal space.

Please use this font for personal use only. It is a software license. For commercial use, you must purchase it from Digital Type Foundry.

NameEnochian Font
Designed Dr John Dee (1992)
Size16.2 KB

Where is the Enochian Font used?

You may use this elegant font for specific purposes. For example, you can create logos, banner ads, stickers, tattoos, unique emblems and much more.

We hope that this eye-catching font will help you meet the needs of your customers and your audience. And we are honoured to create this beautiful design for them.

So if you like it, share it on social media with your colleagues and friends. And help them notice this family of underrated fonts.

How to use Enochian Font?

Enochian is a typeface that dates back to the 16th century when Dr John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly used to communicate with various spirits during rituals ordained by Queen Elizabeth I. I used the model given in The Equinox [ed. Alistair Crowley] as a template for the drawings, and slight liberties were taken in their alphabetical order and design. The Equinox is available for inspection, for the curious who wish to compare my pictures with those in this volume.

Uses of the Enochian Font

The Enochian font is a family of dingbat fonts used mainly for underground projects; Digital Type Foundry took over the development and publication of this font in 1992. According to the designer, “the script dated back to the 16th century and was used by Dr John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly to communicate with different minds. Choosing the perfect font is very important to make your screen more effective and unique.

This choice gets a lot of points for positive imaging and impact. What if you choose the Enochian font for your content? Let’s discuss that. But before we do, if you want to make the most of your time, we’re going to introduce a new font called Jester Font. It was launched on the market on May 26, 1992, and classified as a fancy font. The most shocking thing is that this font got too much notoriety in a short period.

In these times, when everything wants to be perfect, people gravitate towards lifestyle. People working in different fields use this method to attract more people, which brings them more work.

What languages are supported by Enochian Font?

Each font family indeed has its style and characteristics. Each element is so unique and special that it feels like this font family was designed especially for you. That’s what you get with this perfect font family. What makes it more attractive and sought after by customers is its distinctive style.

There are two unique styles. Truetype offers 51 glyphs. At the same time, the Opentype style has 53 glyphs.

Most of the characters in this font family support both upper and lower case. However, there are no punctuation marks, numbers or currency characters in this family. This thing can be used for a variety of purposes.

History of Enochian fonts

If we talk about this elegant font family’s history and designer, we learn that it is the first font from Digital Type Foundry, released in 1992. It has a unique reputation in history, as Dr John has used it in many fonts and at many ceremonies.

What applications can it be used for?

You can use this classic font to create different logos. You can also make it useful for web developers. It can also be used to write various traditional fonts as well as for many other uses. Why did you choose fontsmag.com? Fontsmag.com is the ideal platform for you to download this font easily.

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